Bisciotti Design has several decades of experience guiding the conceptual process and making intelligent design decisions. The approach for each project is always thoughtful and long-term. We know that today’s decisions shape the future experiences within a lived environment. We actively engage the client in the design process, an experience that is enjoyable and rewarding and where the final design is the logical conclusion to this journey. We take great pride in being able to fulfill unique requests and our custom solutions can manifest dreams, ideas and goals for one’s business or home. Beauty, elegance, clean aesthetics, and simplicity are at the core of the Bisciotti Design sensibility.

Why hire an architectural / design consultant? Within architectural and industrial design there is a design tradition with considerable history. We bring this knowledge of past and present vernacular aesthetics and combine it with our 30-year track record for creativity and craftsmanship. From design to execution, we create inspiring and original solutions and can outline a road-map to the finished product that includes scalable cost options, project management and manufacture. Our specialty areas are architectural, interior detail, environments, furniture and objects. Look at our Projects pages (link below) to read a variety of case studies of some of our design solutions. It’s always a smart idea to bring in a consultant early on. We can work with you to articulate the vision for a project.